At HOUSE 22, we believe in brands that delight
This is the driving force throughout our creative process

When we begin a project for a client, we want to understand the full scope of what the client is trying to achieve. It is important for us to spend time collecting information about what the client's business offers and what it has already established in the minds of current customers. At the beginning of each project,
we will also ask some questions to fill in the gaps and come up with our plan
for success.
Once we have our goals in mind, we do extensive research to realize the client's place in the market. We compile competitors, look at the target customer, and familiarize ourselves with the client's industry. We want to set our client apart with our design, and understanding the current climate is essential for a distinct outcome. In addition to researching the client's business climate, we look at what
is going on in the design world in general. Being conscious of current design trends will also help position our client's brand or project. 
In this phase, we are ready to get creative. We are armed with the knowlege of how to set apart our client and we explore options for how to bring a new visual language to life. All options with some validity are considered. We believe design should encapsulate the essence of the message that we are trying to communicate and staying focused on the most important aspect of the brand or project while keeping it fun, unique, and relavent. 
In our process, we enlist the help of our peers to get feedback after we have a few solutions to the project that we think are strong. It is nearly impossible to design in a vacuum. Asking for a fresh perspective and bouncing ideas off each other will help us further refine our concepts and present the strongest work possible. Usually we will see things we hadn't initially considered and this will only strengthen the work. 
Once we have distilled our work to only the best options, we present them to the client. We will show our designs will apply in product applications as closely as possible to convey how it works in real-life situations. We will walk through our designs to show how we got to our solutions. 

Let us help you bring your brand to the next level!
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